4 hours work daily


A source said the human productivity could support everyone to work just 4 hours per day. However, in real life, as an employee, unless you are a part-timer, to work for 8 hours per day should be the minimum. I guess there should be some hidden reason behind “the power that be (TPTB)” government. People who interest may read the information about the secret space program from David Wilcock. In the recent interview with Clif High (link), He also has the same view. WHAT I want to express is that 8 hours daily work may be the result of mind control for the TPTB for some many years. It may not be necessary.

Assuming that 8-hour daily work is NOT a MUST, we should have some ways to get rid of the mechanical life for surviving. In the recent teaching, we (the students and me) are talking about the possible impacts of the new technologies to the industry. I raised out one viewpoint. When one new technology come out, there must have a group of people losing jobs and at the same time creative a group of new jobs. But, we must understand the mathematical equation that overall the automation will increase the humanity productivity.

People who want to work less to earn more should learn to break through the barriers within the organization. Say, if you wait for your organization to upgrade new computers for your position, you need to wait for the upgrading exercise for the whole working group with the assignment of the financial budget and the approval of the upper levels. We can easily expect that there should have a period of struggles in-between departments of the same company to fight for the same budgets. When you replaced your PC, it becomes the old model PC already.

My recommendation is that please do not imagine to escape the controls within the boundary of your organization. There are levels with levels of controls. I counted the number of layers within a university. You guess how many layers… 18 layers from top to bottom. Lecturers may spend 11 hours of works per day and hard work for over 15 years to get the promotion for one level to two levels. In Hong Kong society, we have a famous idiom “How many “10-year” in one’s life?”.

To escape the control of 8 hours daily work, you may need to think about the alternative income, minimize the spending, reduce the effect of inflation, store the value of what you earn in your previous hard work.

I hope I can cover each area in the following posts. To explore alternative income, I find that Wealthy Affiliate is a good platform to start. You may think about it, that is, to be an internet marketer as your hobby.