We can break through the frames

Anyone born in the world is placed in many frames. Which family have you born? Which country do you live? What language do we speak? What sex we are? Which position we live in the family?

All those conditions are not determined by us, but they frame us in a particular starting point. In this journey, we cannot determine the point of departure. The start point may specify the extension that we can go in the future. My question is “How much we can change the expected destination we can go?”

My answer is that the starting point of our life journey determine a lot in our life. However, one factor we cannot overlook is our decisions and actions. As the time goes by, the changes that we can make is much more than we expected.

Although I think that the world is controlled by the power that is, I still believe that we can break through those controls if we want and turn our decisions into our actions.

I link myself to the being. I use my creative think to find a road and continue to break those frames.  I do not calculate how much to spend on those passion and I do believe this is the road less travel. No problem. I am happy on this path. The road to NOW that I enjoy. I really to be the lord of myself now.

My favor is a computer. This is my world. I know that if I put myself into my playground – the computer and analysis world. I can get the success. I know that the computer has already extended the power of a human to a lot more than we can imagine. I will use the computer analytical tools to create the great work in the future.

The breakthrough will be on the layers of management structures. I will use those tools to analysis the price patterns of bitcoin because I believe it will be the world currency.


Author: Thomas

Hello, You may call me Thomas. I am from Hong Kong. I am a part-time lecturer for teaching university degree and a diploma in construction management and facilities management. I previously a research consultant in a public organization to forecast the workforce requirements for the whole city. Privately, I am an investor in Bitcoin, Physical Silver, and Gold. I am also studying alternative curing methods for health, world economics, UFO…etc

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  1. Aloha:

    I have been buying the ALTA Report since August, 2016.
    I never thought to compile a spreadsheet, as you have done.
    How can I get a copy of the spreadsheet you shared in the video?
    Could you post the spreadsheet from the ALTA Report on your blog?
    Mahalo nui loa, (Hawaiian for “Thank you very much!)
    Steven Blue

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