How is the future financial system?

When I begin to think about this question, I raise up another question in my mind. That is…. Will the present fiat currencies sustainable? The answer is a mathematical certainty. NO!

What the power that be doing is to extend the time … to buy time. To buy time for what? They are building up all the legislation, key business units, and assets before it is going to be realized by the public. This will be another control system to substitute the present one. That is why they suppress the price of the cryptos again and again recently. They will choose the best time to roll out their plan in order to get the full control. Human ID will be promoted in many countries. The body to hold the Human ID will get the data of the users. They try to control your assets and your decisions.

They also control the failure time of the fiat currencies system. After all the necessary architecture and infrastructures are built up. We will find the present system begins to fail. They will choose the location of the failure. So, they control when and where.

Will that be a global financial crisis? I think there will be some regional financial crisis. Then it spreads out. When it spreads out, they have already provided the solution. This is their solution, not ours.




Come back and Say Hello

It has been a long time not to write my blog. I am very busy to look after my kids. I hope everything will be settled down on their education. Then, I can write more in the next stage. I would like to focus more on the economic development and my observations.

It is very upset that one of my cats nearly passes away. We hope that it will go on the next journey in another side of the world.