Possible Hit on Donald Trump US Economy


Fulford mentioned that, according to his sources, “Trump would remove TPP The Trump election means the Khazarian controlled TPP and TTIP trade deals are now dead.” and will join AIIB. (“Trump advisers are already telling China the US is considering joining the Chinese-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Chinese government sources say.”-Benjamen Fulford)  If it is real, it is an important indication Trump will direct America to join the one belt one road economy rather than play the game of TPP. It is a possible hit on my prediction on 9th Nov 2016.

Bill Holter guess Judy Shelton may be one of the economic advisors of Trump. Judy Shelton is an economist to support the hard currency which is GOLD and SILVER. Here is another related article. Fulford mentioned, “The US is also negotiating a deal to trade Chinese military gold stashes for hard currency.”






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