Deep state declare wars on bitcoin and cash



There is an important article which points out the purpose of the deep state to manipulate the India to ban the 1000 Rupee, and 500 Rupee cash is to suppress of demand of physical gold. Thanks for the writer of this article who pointed out this possible initiative of the action behind the India. India is a country who has a constant demand for physical gold. To ban the high-value paper cash will have a substantial impact on the demand for physical gold which can suppress the gold price. The spot price is following the COMEX gold transaction price. Unfortunately, 99% of transactions in COMEX are paper gold rather physical gold. The difference of price gold between Shanghai Golden exchange and US one is getting large from $10 to $20. Chinese do not agree on the price direction from US COMEX exchange because Chinese is now trading the physical GOLD contract rather than paper gold contract. The ratio between the physical GOLD and paper gold is over 250 in US market. Banks use the paper gold transactions to suppress the gold price. If the price breaks out the $1,500 range, it will go to $2,000, $5,000 and $50,000. The western banking system will blow out.

Therefore, to prevent the ignition of the fire in the insolvent banking system, a lot of paper future contracts are used to manipulate the price of gold and silver. Otherwise, the hyperinflation has already happened under the QE to infinity policy.

Bitcoin is a new market that a small proportion of people known what it is and how to invest on it. There is no future contract on bitcoin. The deep state cannot fully control the bitcoin’s price by the paper contract.

All physical GOLD, SILVER, and Bitcoin share the same characteristic of scarcity. They can store value under the QE to infinity and help people to escape the banking system – a safety heaven.

The deep state declared wars on bitcoin too. Coinbase dot com are required by the IRS to provide their records of previous three years. The – a peer-to-peer loan platform was requested by the government to stop services. One bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong – has cut their Hengsang bank (a sub-group of HSBC) account.

However, insolvency is insolvency. It is a mathematical certainty. The only uncertainty is when will this event happens. Whatever the deep state did, it is a matter of time.

All those tactics the deep state did are reflected that the day of the event is very near. Webbot ALTA report on December 2016 mentioned that there would have a big change after 12th Dec 2016. I checked the 13th Dec 2016 is the day of full moon.

Stankov believes that there some possible points we should take care.

1)   China implements a massive one-off devaluation of the Yuan.

2)   The $10 Trillion US Dollar carry trade blows up. (This is already happening now as the dollar is being repatriated after Trump’s victory. Note, George)

3)   The $199 Trillion Bond Bubble implodes as debt deflation ripples through the financial system.

4)   The $555 Trillion derivatives market based on interest rates ignites courtesy of a bond sell-off.

The final reminder for readers: keep your wealth out of the system.

Author: Thomas

Hello, You may call me Thomas. I am from Hong Kong. I am a part-time lecturer for teaching university degree and a diploma in construction management and facilities management. I previously a research consultant in a public organization to forecast the workforce requirements for the whole city. Privately, I am an investor in Bitcoin, Physical Silver, and Gold. I am also studying alternative curing methods for health, world economics, UFO…etc

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