$1200 Bitcoin by January 2017 (Robot Dog “B” bitcoin chart analysis on 8th Nov., 2016)

Here is  my AI model – named Robot Dog “B” which is an artificial intelligence bitcoin trading model. (You may reference for the bitcoin market analysis details here.) Please see the trading signals in the first chart.

There was a long-term rising trend started from 3rd September 2016 (See the BUY signal in the charts.) to 5th Nov. 2016 (An Exit signal). Two days later (i.e. 7th Nov. 2016, that is yesterday), a new BUY signal appeared. It indicates that the Exit signal on 5th, Nov. 2016 did not imply the END of the upward trend. Instead, the new BUY signal confirmed that the upward trend continues.


I build up a regression model for bitcoin chart analysis and project the Bitcoin price to be $1200 in January 2017. The chart as here.




Author: Thomas

Hello, You may call me Thomas. I am from Hong Kong. I am a part-time lecturer for teaching university degree and a diploma in construction management and facilities management. I previously a research consultant in a public organization to forecast the workforce requirements for the whole city. Privately, I am an investor in Bitcoin, Physical Silver, and Gold. I am also studying alternative curing methods for health, world economics, UFO…etc

4 thoughts on “$1200 Bitcoin by January 2017 (Robot Dog “B” bitcoin chart analysis on 8th Nov., 2016)”

  1. So you are saying that is it a good time to buy Bitcoins . Cool. I am not an investor yet but I am looking to start investings. I have heard that Bitcoins have become a powerful force in the monetary market. Right there with bonds , gold, and other powerful commodities.

    I still have not gotten a full understand of it but thanks for this report. I am sure it is very helpful to people who are in the market and looking for a good buy.

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