Possible Hit on Donald Trump US Economy


Fulford mentioned that, according to his sources, “Trump would remove TPP The Trump election means the Khazarian controlled TPP and TTIP trade deals are now dead.” and will join AIIB. (“Trump advisers are already telling China the US is considering joining the Chinese-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Chinese government sources say.”-Benjamen Fulford)  If it is real, it is an important indication Trump will direct America to join the one belt one road economy rather than play the game of TPP. It is a possible hit on my prediction on 9th Nov 2016.

Bill Holter guess Judy Shelton may be one of the economic advisors of Trump. Judy Shelton is an economist to support the hard currency which is GOLD and SILVER. Here is another related article. Fulford mentioned, “The US is also negotiating a deal to trade Chinese military gold stashes for hard currency.”






Quick update for Robot Dog “B” on bitcoin trend analysis (on 16th Nov, 2016)


Bitcoin currency chart updated here. The upward movement confirmed the 14.11.2016 is a short-term low reversal point. The upward trend continues.


The analysis on 8th Nov 2016 maintains no change. I am looking for the BTC price return to the $750 level.

Robot Fighter “S” project – beta test announces


Here I would like to introduce a new day trading system I developed called Robot Fighter “S”. Here “S” stands for Simplicity. This is to announce its beta testing stage. I plan to use small amount Bitcoins to test “S” in my brokage account. The trading result will post from time to time in this blog. To be short, I borrow The philosophy of  Bruce Lee’s martial art –Jeet Kune Do to develop “S”.

For the details on the development philosophy, please go to this link.


Quick update for Robot Dog “B” on bitcoin trend analysis (on 15th Nov, 2016)

Take a closer look at the bitcoin currency chart.


The bitcoin current price seems confirmed yesterday is the short-term lower reserve point of the upward trend. There may have some corrections in future days, but the bitcoin price level still has a certain distance to the upward slope line which can serve as the support.

Robot Dog “B” does not have EXIT signal today which imply the upward trend continues.

Quick update for Robot Dog “B” on bitcoin trend analysis (on 14th Nov, 2016)


It is a zoomed bitcoin currency chart of Robot Dog “B” updated.


Yesterday, in the view of bitcoin chart analysis, BTC price drop and the candlestick signal of the last bar yesterday confirmed it selling pressure run out. It is a 90%-like a Dragonfly Doji pattern. It may imply a short-term market turning points.


The A.I. model (Robot Dog “B”) still maintains the BUY signal of 8th Nov 2016. I bet the upward trend still keeps in mid-term and now is the short-term low.

Quick update on Robot Dog “B” on bitcoin price trend (11th Nov 2016)


Regarding the update on 8.11.2016, the bitcoin price trend is still upward. The last BUY signal remains no change. No EXIT signal appeared. chart-btc-11-11-2016-marked

Concluding Remark

Robot Dog “B” does NOT smell any big risk in this bitcoin value today. The view on 8th Nov. 2016 remains no change.

The formula to survive in this crazy world


We are living in such a crazy world that the price of every asset are manipulated by the power that be (TPTB) which is contradict to what the economic textbooks taught us that this is a free market and the prices of good are determined by the invisible hand. Living in such a world makes nearly everyone crazy for surviving. I am a teacher for many students from different ages (20 – 50+). Some students asked me how to survive in such a crazy world. Is there any formula? I am thinking this problem for a few weeks. To break down the question, if a teenager who do not have a rich dad but a poor dad, how to live better in such a crazy world.

In writing the blog, I talked about why invest bitcoin, physical gold, and silver to keep your wealth to be free from hyperinflation. I mentioned you might write a blog like myself to explore a residual income besides of your job where Wealthy Affiliate is my 1st recommendation. So, my formula like the following:

Physical Gold + Physical Silver + Bitcoin + Wealthy Affiliate = Surviving for Independence  — (1)

The equation (1)  is my first concluding remark. But, I still felt something missing in equation (1).

Equation (1) can be applied to those readers who are already working in the industry for a period and have some saving. If a teenager who have little saving, It cannot be applied.

One day a few weeks before, I pickup up one old book from my storehouse which I bought but I did not read it. I read this book in detail this time.

This book called “The Master in Mountain Cave” by Christian Larsson.


This is a book written in the years just after the great depression. At this time, many people lost everything in the economic collapse. I got the Chinese translated edition.

The writer point out one important point that I missed in my equation (1). He said, “Faith is more important than Physical Gold.” We can lose everything, but we cannot lose faith. Faith will bring out your health, your potential and everything you need. No faith, you will gradually lose everything you have. The word “Faith” here may not be religion. The writer mentioned that we must believe we are the master of our life. I may call the “Being” who is within but higher than our mind. When we realize that we are in fact the “Being” who are in charge of ourselves, we can put our full energy to create anything we want, to create our future, to determine our way of living. We also take responsibility for our decisions.

I strongly recommend you to read this book. “The Master in Mountain Cave” by Christian Larsson.

So, I revised my formula of surviving in this crazy world here.

Physical Gold + Physical Silver + Bitcoin + Wealthy Affiliate + Faith = Surviving for Independence  — (2)


Donald Trump Impacts


It has confirmed that Donald Trump to be the next US president. As a simple man in the eastern world, I would like to discuss what impacts of Donald Trump to our surviving? Will anything change? Will anything remain the same? What do I hope for Trump?

Let start with the development of the eastern world. One belt one road policy will continue no matter who are the president of US. Will Trump take down the Transpacific Partnership Policy (TPP) agreement and join the one belt one road policy with China? It goes back to the simple question. Will Trump stop the money printing machine?

I bet what Trump cannot stop are the Economic Collapse, the Debt Collapse, the Boast of the Real Estate Bubble. If Hillary won, she would try every way to delay them by the support of money printing. Doing so, it has higher possibility to go to war. I guess a businessperson like Trump will sell off the negative cash-flow business rather than make it up. He may find what the eastern world wants from the US and try to make a deal to minimize the impacts of the three bubbles. On the other hand, he will make use of force from the boast of the three bubbles to start the reform of the US government, politics and economy.

I bet that US dollars will depreciate 50% on Chinese YUEN to recover a trade balance. Transpacific Partnership Policy (TPP) may change to a less aggressive approach to harmonize with the one belt one road policy of China.

Doing business can improve the employment of US by pushing the infrastructure works. Trump may have less burden on the Oil interest. A business deal between west and east powers about the oil interest in the middle east can be easier to make.

The market in the US may be more open to China companies. China may be able to buy some high-end technologies from the US. The conflict between EU and US may end.

A transform of the power structure within the US may happen soon. Bankers may face a lot of challenges. A substantial reform may be necessary for those US banks. Doing so, the balance sheets of US companies and banks may face the truths. The price of stocks may drop sharply. The price of gold, silver, and bitcoin will rise quickly.

For the eastern world, one belt one road policy in China will not change. Gold-backed currency direction remains the same. I hope the possible outcome is both countries can escape from war to make a business deal. The opportunity cost will be much less than war. I hope it gives a smooth transition to the US and the world.




$1200 Bitcoin by January 2017 (Robot Dog “B” bitcoin chart analysis on 8th Nov., 2016)

Here is  my AI model – named Robot Dog “B” which is an artificial intelligence bitcoin trading model. (You may reference for the bitcoin market analysis details here.) Please see the trading signals in the first chart.

There was a long-term rising trend started from 3rd September 2016 (See the BUY signal in the charts.) to 5th Nov. 2016 (An Exit signal). Two days later (i.e. 7th Nov. 2016, that is yesterday), a new BUY signal appeared. It indicates that the Exit signal on 5th, Nov. 2016 did not imply the END of the upward trend. Instead, the new BUY signal confirmed that the upward trend continues.


I build up a regression model for bitcoin chart analysis and project the Bitcoin price to be $1200 in January 2017. The chart as here.